Monday, October 25, 2010

Les Quatre Vents de l'Esprit

Im made of shadow and marble
Like the black feet of the tree
i plunge deep into the night
i listen, im under ground,

from below i say to the thunder,
WAIT! make no noise.

I, whom they call the poet,
Am in the speechless night
the mysterious staircase,

i am the darkness-staircase,
in my gloomy spirals
the shadow opens its dim eyes

Berikut adalah karya puisi Victor Hugo yang sangat berdengung yang ditulis oleh beliau pada abat ke 19.  Salah satu perkara yang saya agak susah untuk appreciate ialah poem yang heavy seperti ini. Anyway, rather than a clear step forward in our understanding of the poetry of the nineteenth century Hugo =  an intense and teeming moment of the culture span of tat period. He was the success of the extravagant or perhaps, the extravagance of the successful.

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